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DVD - Learn to Play Irish Button Accordion

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DVD - Learn to Play Irish Button Accordion

DVD - Learn to Play Irish Button Accordion

taught by John Williams

This complete guide starts with how to hold accordion and sound your first scales, bass notes, chords and arpeggios. John teaches five tunes, breaking each into easy-to-learn sections he demonstrates at slow and moderate tempos. You'll learn the use of the air button, waltz rhythm, bass accompaniment, multiple notes on one bellows direction, more. "Oro," "Saddle the Pony," "Napoleon Crossing the Rhine," "Sporting Nellie" and "Sally Gardens." Note: This DVD explains the general logic of diatonic button accordions and the two-row accordion in B-C tuning specifically. Beginners. Includes booklet (or PDF file on the disc) with notation and diagrams. 70 min.
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