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DVD - Larry Coryell's Jazz Guitar, Vol. 1

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DVD - Larry Coryell's Jazz Guitar, Vol. 1

Larry Coryell
DVD - Larry Coryell's Jazz Guitar, Vol. 1

taught by Larry Coryell

Features playing major & minor scales and variations, chromatic scales, accents within picking patterns, arpeggios, modes & intervals, improvising and much much more. A detailed note/tab booklet is included as a PDF file. Intermediate. 84 min.
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Volume One:

  • Major scales and playing these in different possitions and variations
  • Minor, Diminished, Whole Tone-Augmented scales
  • Chromatic scales
  • Accents within picking patterns
  • Arpeggios
  • Modes and Intervals
  • Building an intellectual understanding between scales and chords
  • Movements between harmony and bass lines
  • Going beyond diatonic chord/scale usage
  • Single-note line improvising over changes
  • Substitute chords and soloing

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