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Keep It Right Here

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Keep It Right Here

Jeff Daniels
Keep It Right Here

2010 - featuring Brad Phillips and Dominic John Davis. Songwriter-guitarist Daniels with Phillips on fiddle and mandolin and Davis on upright bass, with guests Joshua Davis on banjo and singer Amanda Merte. "When My Fingers Find Your Strings," "The Michigan in Me," "What Would Jesus Do?," five more Daniels originals plus Clarence Williams' "Michigan Water" and Boyce & Hart's "Last Train to Clarksville."
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  • Michigan Water Blues
  • Two Finger Rag
  • Race Ya To The Horizon
  • Last Train to Clarksville
  • Waltz With Me
  • It's Not That She Don't Love Me
  • When My Fingers Find Your Strings
  • Keep It Right Here
  • What Would Jesus Do
  • The Michigan In Me

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