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Johnny Cash: The Life

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Johnny Cash: The Life

Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash: The Life

by Robert Hilburn

The unvarnished truth about a musical icon whose career stretched from his days at Sun Records with Elvis Presley to a remarkable creative last hurrah, at age sixty-nine. Music critic for the Los Angeles Times, Hilburn knew Cash well throughout his life. His rich reporting shows the remarkable highs & deep lows that followed Cash. A man of great faith and humbling addiction, Cash aimed for more than another hit; he wanted his music to lift people's spirits and promote the best of the American spirit. With a trove of new material from Cash's inner circle, Hilburn creates a deeply human portrait of one of the most iconic figures in modern popular culture, whose personal life was far more troubled, and whose artistry more profound, than even his most devoted fans realized. Hardcover, 679 pp.
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