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DVD - Jimmy Bruno - Inside "Outside" Jazz Guitar

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DVD - Jimmy Bruno - Inside "Outside" Jazz Guitar

Jimmy Bruno
DVD - Jimmy Bruno - Inside "Outside" Jazz Guitar

A classic Hot Licks title available once again! Jimmy focuses on deepening your understanding of "outside" playing, encouraging you to take chances, showing you where these ideas come from and where they are going! He teaches melodies over chords, improvisation of the highest order, listening vs. thinking, playing the "outside" notes, circle of pitches, arpeggios and triads, the 5 regions of the guitar, transposing, Charlie Parker lines, pitch collections instead of scales, working in various keys, creating your own melodies, and much more. This new DVD transfer includes slow-motion segments in standard pitch, all right and left hand techniqes shown in split-screen, a new introduction by Arlen Roth, more! Includes 74 page note/tab booklet. 124 min.
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