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DVD - Jazz Manouche Gypsy Jazz Guitar

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DVD - Jazz Manouche Gypsy Jazz Guitar

DVD - Jazz Manouche Gypsy Jazz Guitar

taught by Fernando Perez

Encompasses many techniques found in the playing of Gypsy jazz guitar. Besides teaching you how to play this exciting instrumental, you will learn different techniques: playing "abanico" - a flamenco technique very useful for fingerstyle guitar; playing ornaments on arpeggios; fingerpicking with your index, middle and ring fingers; strumming a perfect groove for Jazz Manouche; strum variations; breaking down bass lines, chords and melodies and how they work; positions for harmonic movements; original ideas for turning your guitar into a jazz band and taking solos for guitar, bass or even drums. Detailed tab/music PDF booklet on the DVD. Intermediate. 78 min.
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