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Irish Tunes for Fiddle - Musical Memories, Volume 2

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Irish Tunes for Fiddle - Musical Memories, Volume 2

Charlie Lennon
Irish Tunes for Fiddle - Musical Memories, Volume 2

by Charlie Lennon

Book/CD pack. 72 of the great Irish fiddle player and composer Charlie Lennon's compositions, including piano arrangements. The music of Charlie Lennon is known and respected in every land where Irish music is played. Each tune includes piano accompaniment and chord symbols. Plus there's a wonderful guide to traditional piano accompaniment, notes for each tune, ornamentation and phrasing, more. All of the tunes are played on the CD at a slow pace. 102 pp.
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 Morning Sunday
 Ben's Brogues
 Jig For Johnny
 Finn The Fairymount
 The Friendly Robin
 The Dawn Chorus
 Picking Up The Pieces
 Work For The Willing
 Emmet The Piper
 The Happy Couple
 Nancy's Party
 Tommy McCarthy's
 The Fairy Jig
 Patsy The Fair One
 Pay The Piper

Slip Jigs:

 The Ceide Slip Jig


 Christmas In Spiddal
 Twelve To The Bar


 The Donkey Race
 The Quaker's Pot
 The Wishbone
 The Liverpool Reel 1
 The Liverpool Reel 2
 Vincent Harrisons's Reel
 David's Dream
 Give Her Hay
 Give Her Holly
 John, The Quiet Man
 Tommy Burke's Reel
 Sailing Through Loughrea
 The Mountain Dew
 Paul The Puiblisher
 Mick O'Connor's Choice
 Scottish Concerto Reel
 The Windy City
 The San Francisco Reel
 The Lakes Of Leitrum
 The Melvin Wave


 Dance Of The Honeybees
 Reunion Hornpipe
 Delia's Dream
 Dolly's Delight
 Seamus Walshe's
 Salthill Hornpipe


 Harvest Fair Polka No. 1
 Harvest Fair Polka No. 2
 Harvest Fair Polka No. 3
 Island Polka No. 1
 Island Polka No. 2
 Island Polka No. 3

Barn Dances:

 Lord Leitrum
 The Earl Of Thomond
 Step It Out Joe
 Murphy The Big Man
 Last Glimpse Of Erin


 Planxty Conneely
 Planxty Joe Burke


 Strathspey From Island Wedding
 Dick Lett's Strathspey

Flings - The North Leitrum Flings:

 The Wild Rose
 The Wild Woodbine


 Waltz Of The Honeybees
 Waltz Joe-Anne
 Waltz Mary Ellen

Slow Airs:

 Sound Man Eamonnn
 Lament For Ciara
 The Fairy Wind
 West Mayo


 Island Wedding March
 March And Planxty
 Reunion March
 Love Will Find A Way

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