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Irish Session Tunes: The Orange Book

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Irish Session Tunes: The Orange Book

Irish Session Tunes: The Orange Book

selected by Brid Cranitch

Book/CD pack. More session tunes collected in sets so that you can work on transitions as well as tunes. Meant to follow "The Blue Book" (01-900085), this time the emphasis is on reels, which are more difficult for the learning musician. 86 tunes in 36 sets of 2, 3 or 4 tunes each. Includes "Over the Moor/Dowd's No. 9," "Maids of the Castlebar/Kiss Me Kate," "Dillon's Fancy/Bird in the Bush," and more reels, plus a few jigs. CD has each part of the tune repeated, but the entire tune is played only once (and then transitions to the next tune.) When parts are repeated, the second time varies the melody. With Sheila Garry, fiddle and Brid Cranitch, piano. 45 pp.
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  • Cailleach an Airgid (Jig)
  • Connaughtman's Rambles (Jig)
  • Over the Moor (Reel)
  • Dowd's No. 9 (Reel)
  • Tansey's Favourite (Reel)
  • Mac Fadden's (Reel)
  • Blackberry Blossom (Reel)
  • Maids of Castlebar (Reel)
  • Kiss Me Kate (Reel)
  • The Mist Covered Mountain (Jig)
  • Have A Drink with Me (Jig)
  • Johnny Leary's (Jig)
  • Geoghegan's (Reel)
  • Sailor on the Rock (Reel)
  • Temple House (Reel)
  • Knotted Chord (Reel)
  • Liffey Banks (Reel)
  • Shaskeen (Reel)
  • Johnny When You Die (Reel)
  • Anything for John Joe? (Reel)
  • Round the World for Sport (Reel)
  • Flowers of Edinburgh (Reel)
  • Fess Reel
  • Feargal O'Gara (Reel)
  • Shetland (Reel)
  • Brendan Mulhaire's (Reel)
  • Jack Maguire's (Reel)
  • Dillon's Fancy (Reel)
  • Bird in the Bush (Reel)
  • Maid of Mount Sisco (Reel)
  • Kelly's Castle (Reel)
  • Dinny O'Brien's (Reel)
  • Farewell to Connaught (Reel)
  • Far From Home (Reel)
  • Volunteer (Reel)
  • Gap of Wind (Reel)
  • Woman of the House (Reel)
  • Frieze Britches
  • Rambling Pitchfork
  • Kilmaley (Reel)
  • Maid Behind the Bar (Reel)
  • Copperplate (Reel)
  • Pat Burke's
  • Out in the Ocean
  • Jerry Beaver's Hat
  • Maids on the Green
  • Cuil Aodh
  • Tripping Up the Stairs
  • Slopes of Sliabh Luachra
  • Cronin's (Hornpipe)
  • Boys of Bluehill (Hornpipe)
  • Collier's (Reel)
  • Bush (Reel)
  • Within A Mile of Dublin (Reel)
  • 3 Scones of Boxty (Reel)
  • Piper on Horseback (Reel)
  • Mills Are Grinding (Reel)
  • Millner's Daughter (Reel)
  • Green Gates (Reel)
  • Galway Rambler (Reel)
  • Skylark (Reel)
  • Jenny's Wedding (Reel)
  • Cameronian (Reel)
  • Music in the Glen (Reel)
  • Green Fields of America (Reel)
  • Mountain Road (Reel)
  • Dairy Maid (Reel)
  • Maud Miller's (Reel)
  • O'Connell's Trip to Parliament (Reel)
  • Humours of Carrigaholt (Reel)
  • Dublin Porter (Reel)
  • Come West Along the Road (Reel)
  • New Mown Meadow (Reel)
  • Crowley's (Reel)
  • Boys of the Lough (Reel)
  • Tom Ward's Downfall (Reel)
  • Tap Room (Reel)
  • Moving Bog (Reel)
  • Lilies of the Field (Reel)
  • George White's Favourite (Reel)
  • Sligo Maid (Reel)
  • Ships Are Sailing (Reel)
  • Laurel Bush (Reel)
  • Boyne Hunt (Reel)
  • Lucy Campbell's (Reel)
  • Mountain Top (Reel)

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