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DVD - Introduction to Chord Theory & Chord Voicing

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DVD - Introduction to Chord Theory & Chord Voicing

DVD - Introduction to Chord Theory & Chord Voicing

taught by John Miller

In Volume One, John goes over the major scale and its structure and intervalS; then into triads, showing how the diatonic triads are derived from scale structure, following up triads with seventh chords, the diatonic seventh chords and the various seventh chord types. A variety of exercises are on the PDF included on your DVD. John then shows you how to voice triads and seventh chords out of the E, A, C, D and F positions. Volume Two starts out by covering sixth chords and how to voice them, then tonic function and seventh chord function. The remainder is working on songs, seeing how to play the same song in a variety of keys and positions and how to use the way the guitar is tuned to transpose from one key to another, in the easiest possible fashion. Intermediate. 205 min.
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