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DVD - Improving Your Ear for Country Blues Guitarists

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DVD - Improving Your Ear for Country Blues Guitarists

DVD - Improving Your Ear for Country Blues Guitarists

by John Miller

2-DVD set. Provides you with the tools to develop your ability to tell what position or tuning a Country Blues performance was played out of simply by listening. Believe it or not, this is a learnable skill. Developing this kind of informed listening will improve your ability to learn by ear. Presents the sound characteristics of the different playing positions and tunings at length, and provides memory devices to help you remember the sound of alternating bass for the positions and tunings. Examples are drawn from Country Blues performances. The booklet (as PDF file) includes a summary of the sound characteristics and memory devices. Also includes a test with a selection of Country Blues played out of different positions and tunings for you to identify. Intermediate.
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