Elderly Instruments Historical photos

  • Opening Day Flyer
    Flyer announcing the openning of Elderly Instruments on July 5, 1972.
  • Tintype Style photo
    Not-so-vintage tintype photograph including Elderly Instruments founders Stan Werbin and Sharon McInturff (seated).
  • Trying out dulcimer in showroom 1970s
    The original showroom was at 541 E. Grand River Ave., East Lansing, MI in the basement of the "Campus Town Mall".
  • 1970s showroom
    Trying out guitars at the old showroom, mid 1970s.
  • Mail Order Catalog
    The first Elderly Instruments catalog, published in 1975.
  • Elderly Staff tuning up 1977
    Elderly staff, instructors and friends tuning up, 1977.
  • 1915 Postcard of IOOF Building
    Postcard from about 1915 of the newly-constructed "Oddfellows" Hall
  • 1975 Staff photo
    1975 Staff photo
  • 1978 Staff
    1978 Staff
  • 1988 Elderly Instruments Staff
    1988 Staff
  • Construction 1994
    It only took a few years to out-grow the new location. The building next door was purchased and linked to the old IOOF hall in 1994.
  • 1993 Staff
    1993 Staff
  • 2001 Elderly Instruments Staff
    2001 Staff