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First Lessons Folk Harp

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First Lessons Folk Harp

First Lessons Folk Harp

by Star Edwards

Book/CD set. For the beginner with no prior music training. Learn to read music notation, count rhythm, implement important fingering techniques, organize practice, tune a harp, play common bass patterns and decide which kind of harp to play. The songs let you learn while playing vibrant melodies instead of repetitive exercises. Traditional Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Canadian, American and Renaissance music. Presents two new note reading methods based on logical, predictable music patterns. They were developed to move students beyond reading notes as single isolated symbols. The rhythm table compares the different note values and rests to each other and visually shows how they are related through counting out rhythm increments. Beginning/intermediate. 35 pp.
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Lesson #1: Music Basics

  • Ledger Lines and Time Signatures
  • Rhythm Table

Lesson #2: Parts of the Folk Harp

Lesson #3: How to Tune the Folk Harp

Lesson #4: Wire Strung Harp or Nylon Strung Harp?

Lesson #5: Sitting Position at the Folk Harp

Lesson #6: How to Position Your Hands at the Folk Harp

Lesson #7: Placing and Brackets

Lesson #8: Basic Music Patterns

  • Neighbor Note Patterns
  • Mixed Patterns

Lesson #9: Whole Notes, Half Notes and Rests

  • Pachelbel Canon
  • Streets Of Doolin

Lesson #10: Quarter Notes, Rests and Replacing Patterns

  • Music Alone Shall Live
  • Un Canadien Errant

Lesson #11: One Note Bass Patterns

  • Ton Ton Ton
  • King Arthur’s Harp

Lesson #12: Dotted Half Notes and Ties

  • Red Is The Rose
  • Hand In Hand With Flora

Lesson #13: Pick Up Measures and Drone Bass Patterns

  • Wake Up Cannon
  • Red River Valley
  • Alleluya

Lesson #14: Eighth Notes

  • Bourree
  • Brahms Lullaby
  • Ja Nuns Hons Pris
  • Peggy Gordon
  • May Day Carol

Lesson #15: Glissandos

  • Golden Leaves In Fall
  • Butterflies In Summer
  • Snow Flurries On A Moonless Night

Lesson #16: Dotted Quarter Notes

  • Childgrove
  • Come Follow To The Greenwood
  • Black Eyed Susan
  • Lonesome Road
  • Sweet Dreams Lullaby

Lesson #17: Raising Levers for a New Key

  • Fairy Plaint Music
  • Last Song Before I Go
  • Bride Parish
  • Gavotte

Lesson #18: Bass Hand Chord Patterns

  • Caliente Rojo
  • Los Tres Santos Reyes
  • She’s Gone To Be Wed With Another
  • Eileen Aroon
  • Greensleeves

Lesson #19: Reading Ledger Lines

  • The Spanish Lady
  • All Night, All Day

Lesson #20: Mixed Bass Patterns

  • Quick Scotch
  • Hibernia’s Lovely Jane
  • The Chanter
  • The Standing Stones
  • The Sweet Nightingale
  • Please To See The King
  • Boats Rocking In The Water
  • The Cat’s Jig

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