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DVD - Electric Guitar for Kids: Two DVD Set

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DVD - Electric Guitar for Kids: Two DVD Set

DVD - Electric Guitar for Kids: Two DVD Set

taught by Marcy Marxer and Pete Kennedy

Contains 300-DVD333 and 300-DVD334. The coolest way ever to learn electric guitar! Lesson 1 teaches: parts of the guitar, how to hold the pick, fretting first notes, getting a basic rhythm groove, forming chords, beginning to improvise. Lesson 2 teaches: barre chords, blues progressions, "metal" power chords, slides, pull-offs, hammer-ons, vibrato, rhythm grooves, and playing chords and scales in different keys. Emily (11) and Jake (14) help out to show that kids can really play this stuff. EXTRA: jam along audio tracks so you can practice what you've learned with a rhythm section. Beginner/intermediate. Note/tab included as either booklets or PDF files on the discs. 70 & 55 min.
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