Guitar Rag in DADGAD Tuning


Guitar Rag in DADGAD Tuning

Guitar Rag in DADGAD Tuning

taught by Al Petteway

Guitar Rag in Dadgad Tuning More details...
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Follow this link straight to Guitar Rag - A Fingerpicking Instrumental for DADGAD Guitar in our download catalog!

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DOWNLOAD ONLY. This title is available as a DOWNLOAD ONLY. Just click one of the links below and have it delivered straight to your computer! Al originally heard this old-time guitar piece as "Steel Guitar Rag," made famous in the thirties by steel player Leon McAuliffe. However, the tune had originally been recorded as a bottleneck instrumental by Sylvester Weaver back in 1927. Al's version combines the two and, as you'll see, it makes a great acoustic showpiece. He plays an alternating bass while picking out the melody on the high strings and uses vibrato while moving the chords to imitate the slide sound. It's a compelling effect. Intermediate. 11 min.

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