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Mayhayley's House

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Mayhayley's House

Lonesome River Band
Mayhayley's House

2017 - Original bluegrass in the LRB "groove-n-grass" style with banjo ace Sammy Shelor and his musical cohorts; a special tribute to Mayhayley Lancaster, self-proclaimed "Oracle of the Ages" from SW Georgia's Heard County, lawyer, political activist, midwife and teacher until her death in 1955.
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  1. Wrong Road Again
  2. As Lonesome as I Am
  3. Mayhayley's House
  4. Old Coyote Town
  5. Blackbirds and Crows
  6. Ida Red
  7. Diggin'
  8. As the Crow Flies
  9. Lonesome Bone
  10. I Think I'm Gonna be Alright
  11. It Feels Real Good Goin' Down
  12. Hickory Hollow Times and County News
  13. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss

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