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Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Holday Stocking Stuffers
Holiday Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas under $30

ELDERLY CUSTOM KAZOO They start at $1.50 and are great in a Christmas sock. SEE OUR ENTIRE KAZOO COLLECTION. Build your own kazoo orchestra and annoy your neighbors! ..more...
CKZ $1.50
buy 1 for $1.50 each.
buy 10 for $1.00 each.
free shipping - click for details

HUMANATONE NOSE FLUTE Just press it against your nose and mouth and exhale through your nose to whistle -- it seems impossible at first but once you get it, it's second nature! Tons of fun at a party or family gathering -- this is a cool little product that we sell scads of every year. Assorted colors, sorry, no choice. Great for kids of all ages. Great for New Year's Eve! ..more...
HT1 $1.50
buy 1 for $1.50 each.
buy 6 for $1.35 each.

ELDERLY INSTRUMENTS LEATHER KEY RING PICK HOLDER Little leather pocket with snap closure holds 3 standard flatpicks. SEE ALL OUR ELDERLY LOGO MERCHANDISE. Some useful, some just for looks. ..more...
EFOB .. list $7.99 ours $3.50
free shipping - click for details

HOHNER BEGINNER'S HARMONICA, GREAT FOR KIDS! Standard 10-hole diatonic harp with plastic comb and a translucent, colored plastic body. Key of C. Easily found if dropped in snow, making it popular in the polar regions. Buy more than one and save. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE harp ideas. ..more...
HO48 .. list $3.54 ours $3.49
free shipping - click for details

PLANET WAVES GUITAR PRO-WINDER Everyone should have one of these, and if you have one, a spare would still be welcome. String winder and wire cutter all-in-one for guitar, very popular. SEE OTHER SOCK STUFFERS ..more...
DP0002 .. list $17.20 ours $9.99
free shipping - click for details

PLASTIC SLIDE WHISTLE Buy one for all your nieces and nephews. Their parents won't thank you. SEE MORE STOCKING STUFFERS! ..more...
SW1 $3.50
free shipping - click for details

OASIS OH-1 GUITAR HUMIDIFIER Our best-selling humidity control device -- a must have for every acoustic guitar owner. SEE ALL INSTRUMENT HUMIDIFIERS. Keep it moist this winter. ..more...
OGH1 .. list $21.95 ours $19.95
free shipping - click for details

CHICKEN SHAKE, PLASTIC SHAKER Straight out of the business end of the Magical, Musical Christmas Chicken. Egg-shaped mini shaker that fits in the palm -- easy to always have handy. Santa shakes one when he's jamming with the Northpole's Elven Eleven. ..more...
CKS1 $2.95
free shipping - click for details

JINGLE BANDS The sound of the season... Wrist bands with 4 large jingle bells attached and velcro clasp. Assorted colors, our choice. Same bells as used on Santa's team of intrepid reindeer. ..more...
WRIST $5.00
free shipping - click for details

ELDERLY INSTRUMENTS PICK BOX Nice little cherry wood box with the Elderly Instruments Logo lasered into the slide top. About 2 x 2 x 0.5 inches. Excellent for pocket storage of flatpicks, pills, or whatever. Made in the USA. ..more...
EPB .. list $15.00 ours $9.95
free shipping - click for details

STRAP-KEEPER, STRAP LOCK FOR INSTRUMENTS WITH LARGE ENDPIN JACKS INDISPENSABLE DEVICE. Specially designed leather attachment with nylon clip. First, attaches to your strap and then to the strap-button-jack on you instrument. The nylon clip then locks the strap-keeper in place so that it cannot come off the button. ..more...
SK1 $9.99
free shipping - click for details

SNARK SN-5X NO FRILLS CLIP-ON CHROMATIC ELECTRONIC TUNER The best value in a clip-on tuner! No extra frills, just fast and accurate tuning. Highly recommended by the musicians on staff in our showroom. ..more...
SNARK-GBV .. list $19.00 ours $10.95
free shipping - click for details

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