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Holiday Gift Ideas Under $30

Holday Stocking Stuffers
Holiday Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas under $30
New deal coming soon...

GREEN TONES SQUARE TONE DRUM WITH MALLET GREEN TONES MUSICAL TOYS -- safe, eco-friendly wooden musical toys perfect for the youngsters on your list. Most are under $30; all made to last. ..more...
GT3770 $30.00

ELDERLY INSTRUMENTS PICK BOX Stop losing picks! Made in the USA, this little wooden box has a sliding lid. SEE ALL OF OUR LOGO MERCHANDISE for some more ideas. ..more...
EPB .. list $15.00 ours $9.95
free shipping - click for details

Lynch, Claire - HOLIDAY! Music still makes the holidays better. This one is a great choice. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE CHOICE RECORDING IDEAS! ..more...
THR-CD4121 CD .. $14.95

OASIS OH-1 GUITAR HUMIDIFIER Our best-selling humidity control device -- a must have for every acoustic guitar owner. SEE ALL OF OUR INSTRUMENT HUMIDIFIERS. Keep it moist this winter. ..more...
OGH1 .. list $21.95 ours $19.95
free shipping - click for details

HOHNER BLUESBAND HARMONICA 7-HARP SET 7 Blues Band (our HO1501) diatonic harmonicas in the keys of A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G in a zippered carrying case. Metal covers, plastic combs -- a better harmonica set than the PBH7 pack. Very good set for beginners. We recommend the Old Standby as replacements for the harps in this set, should ..more...
BBH7 .. list $57.00 ours $39.99
free shipping - click for details

New deal coming soon...

ELDERLY TEE SHIRT, EXTRA-LARGE Tees, hats and other apparel make great gifts, and we have lots. CHECK OUT SHIRTS AND HATS of all kinds. ..more...
TEE87-BLACK-XL $20.00
free shipping - click for details

New deal coming soon...

ON-STAGE MS7701B MICROPHONE STAND WITH BOOM Essential for every musician. Black tripod stand with 30" removable boom arm; completely adjustable; with cable clip; tripod base (23" spread) folds flat; height adjustable 36-64". ..more...
MSTB .. list $53.99 ours $24.95
free shipping - click for details

TUNE IT OR DIE MUG The perfect gift for the musicians in your life. Somebody has to say it and this is a great way. Nice-sized black coffee mug with a skull & crossbones to emphasize the slogan. Get one for all the folks in your playing circle. ..more...
MUG2 $6.95
free shipping - click for details

ELECTRIC KAZOO Weird? Yep. It works great, too. Cast your eyeballs upon more ODDBALL GIFT IDEAS. If nothing else, you'll be amused. ..more...
EHK1 $18.95
free shipping - click for details

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