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Creative Chordal Harmony for Guitar

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Creative Chordal Harmony for Guitar

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Creative Chordal Harmony for Guitar

by Mick Goodrick and Tim Miller

Book with online audio. This book introduces a new system of studying harmony called Generic Modality Compression that allows guitarists to discover fresh and unusual chord voicing for accompaniment or solo playing. The concept is simple. Remove the root from a 7-note scale/mode - the remaining 6 notes can be separated into two sets of three pitches which are organized into five families: triads, sus4, clusters, 7th no 3, and 7th no 5. Practical etudes over popular chord changes help you understand and apply these new theoretical concepts. This system will help you organize and use tensions more easily and with greater expression, develop and apply new chord voicings using a rich palette of notes, isolate and organize the most essential notes of any chord-scale, more. Audio includes examples and play-along tracks. Notation only. 95 pp.
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