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Concertina Workshop

Concertina Workshop

Alistair Anderson
Concertina Workshop

1974 -- Classic Topic LP reissued! English-system concertina master and former High Level Ranter Anderson with guests Dave and Tich Richardson, Graham Pirt and Geoff Harris.

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  1. The Dancing Tailor / O'Carolan's Fancy / The Blarney Pilgrim
  2. The Barrington Hornpipe / The Cliff Hornpipe
  3. The Recruited Collier
  4. Sir Sidney Smith's March
  5. The Flannel Jacket / The Scholar
  6. Joe Burke's Hornpipe / The Fairy Queen
  7. Jenny Linn Polka
  8. The One Horned Sheep / Turnpike Side / The Sunbeam
  9. Admiral Cole
  10. Derwentwater's Farewell / Jimmy Allen / The Herd on the Hill
  11. The King's Favourite / The Tipsy Sailor
  12. The Aith Rant / Framm upon Him / Da South End
  13. The Fateful Head / The Randy Wives of Greenlaw / John McNeil's Reel
  14. Kick the World Before You / Come Upstairs with Me / The Malt Man Comes on Monday

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