Vox AC50 (c.1965)

sku: 130U-203727
A classic Brit "get loud" rig, this Vox AC50 has a 50 watt tube head with a tall box. It has a 2 X EL34 power section and dual channels (normal / top boost). It features a newer AC cable, and it has just gone thru by RJ Hatt (some new caps and resistors installed, original parts included). The speaker cabinet has two (original) 12” Fane speakers and the original Midax driver horn. It has an XLR jack, and all the plastic parts appear original. This rig features the original grill cloth on the head and cab, and the trolley in included. This great sounding amplifier is in very good/excellent condition. Consignment. We no longer ship used amps, in-store sales only.

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