V-Picks Dimension Junior 4.10MM Pick

Same as the V-Pick Dimension, only 10% smaller. Shimmering sound and FAST action with great grippage. If you like a little pick similar to a Jazz III but want more tone, try this. Unbelievable tone and precise articulation. We serve them up with buffed edges.   More Details...
This item is available on Special Order. Please phone us to arrange the order. 517-372-7890

V-Picks are made of a unique blend of acrylic that "sticks" to your fingers when warmed by your touch. They are famous for their sound and longevity.
  • One point and two rounded corners
  • 4.10mm thick
  • 1-3/8" wide x, 1" long
  • Image shows picks with buffed and unbuffed edges. We sell them buffed, like the two in the center.