Bell & Howell / Bogen Combo

sku: 130U-209043
This Bell & Howell / Bogen combo marries a 50’s Bell & Howell cabinet with a Bogen HE-10 18 watt tube chassis. Really classy look and absolutely killer tone. We do not ship used amps, so this one is for in-store pickup only. It’s in excellent-minus condition.   More Details...

Only 1 piece in stock!

  • Head and cab married to give classy looks and killer tone
  • No SN
  • EC-
  • 50's Bell & Howell (gray/black) cabinet
  • 1X12 Jensen C12R dated '63
  • Bogen HE-10 18 watt tube chassis
  • 2 X 6V6 power section
  • Dual channels
  • Master tone control
  • Ready to rock
  • Consignment
  • Sorry, we no longer ship used amps, in-store pickup only