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The Happiest Way to Be Sad

Lil' Rev


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2011 - "Rooted Originals & Timeless Treasures for Today's Ukulele Madness" from the heartland's tireless ambassador of ukery! 17 Rev originals: "Tiny Tim's Rag," "Lonesome Ukulele Player's Love Plea," "Little Richard," "New York Times" and more.

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  1. When the Railroad Met Mainstreet
  2. Lonesome Ukulele Player's Love Plea
  3. The happiest Way to Be Sad
  4. Pete Steele's March
  5. She Sure Got Shikker
  6. Wonderfully Askew
  7. Love You Like a Ukulele
  8. Scrubbing Like a Bad Lover
  9. Tiny Tim's Rag
  10. Little Richard
  11. New York Times
  12. Pay Dirt Blues
  13. Maxwell Street
  14. Sugar Plum Serenade
  15. The World & I
  16. Mariela
  17. So Goes the Years