Wickelbuckle Violin Support System, Plastic Buckle

sku: WB-P
The Wickelbuckle is a combination wire frame and strap apparatus that cradles the lower bouts of a Violin or Viola and connects to a strap that wraps around the body.  When properly used with a shoulder rest, it suspends the instrument and frees the head, neck, shoulders and hands, relieving tension and enabling more relaxation and greater ease of expression while playing. This version has a lightweight plastic buckle.   More Details...

Advantages to the violinist or fiddler:

  • Easily play while singing
  • Free the head and neck for a more expressive performance, rehearsal leading, band cue-ing etc.                                
  • Shift smoothly between left-hand positions, produce vibrato without strain, clamping or tension
  • Hear your bandmates or ensemble-mates over your violin (not so close to your ear)
  • Explore uncharted territory of traditional violin technique: Bar chords, extreme position playing etc. (play like a guit(more...)

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