Fender Acoustic 100

sku: 130U-206974
A nice 1X8 - 100 watt acoustic instrument combo, this Fender Acoustic 100 has dual channels, onboard digital effects, accepts ¼” or XLR, and has a nice look. Sorry, we no longer ship used amps, in-store pickup only. It’s in excellent-minus condition.   More Details...

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  • Acoustic instrument combo
  • SN  CRIF18001568
  • EC-
  • 1X8 (whizzer cone) - 100 watts
  • Dual channels
  • Input on each channel accepts 1/4" or XLR jacks
  • Each channel has it's own EQ and effects controls
  • On board digital effects
  • Modern looking finished wood cab
  • Headphone out and Aux in jacks