C. Waldman 12" Chromatic (Step-Side) Openback Banjo, No. 127

sku: CW127
An intriguing openback banjo, this C. Waldman Chromatic offers clear, rich tones from bass to treble but still with lots of pop. Features include a 12" 3-ply Cherry rim and a hand-carved Cherry neck. It has Waldman's own integral all-wood "Tone Rim" (see Details section below) of re-claimed California Redwood. Impeccably handcrafted in the USA in Chuck's one-person shop.   More Details...

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  • 12" 3-Ply Cherry Rim
  • Re-claimed California Coastal Redwood Tone Rim -- with 3 Tone Holes*
  • Cherry Neck
  • 1/4" x 3/8" Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Rod
  • 17 Fret Ebony Fingerboard w/ 36" radius, Scooped
  • 25-1/2" Scale Length
  • EVO Fretwire
  • Claro Walnut accent woods
  • Claro Walnut hand carved tailpiece
  • Brass Hardware & shop-built te
  • Gotoh Tuners, Brass w/ White Buttons
  • Custom Waldman Bridge 
  • Renaissance Head
  • Hand-rubbed oil varnish finish
  • D'Addario J-55 Strings
  • Oil Varnish Finish
*This model has 3 vertical holes in the rim that vary in depth according to the fret scale. This adds sympathetic tones in the same family as the chromatic scale of fretted notes. Other features of the Chromatic are a varied rim wall thickness, coved tone rim and the select combinations of wood.

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