RainSong Vintage SFT Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar and Case

sku: V-DR1100N2
This innovative RainSong dreadnought combines the stability of carbon fiber with the traditional aesthetics of wood, in a process they call SFT - Soundboard Fusion Technology. A thin spruce soundboard and unidirectional carbon are fused in a single molding step. The resulting SFT soundboard resonates as a single unit, like a solid wood soundboard. Thanks to the physical properties of the carbon fiber, the guitar maintains the resistance to humidity and temperature RainSong instruments are known for. This model has an amber tint on the carbon/spruce soundboard, a simple pinstripe rosette, a tortoise shell pickguard, and abalone dot neck inlays. It has a 25.4" scale length, 14 frets clear of the body, and a 1.75" nut width.

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