Renelli 30 Button Anglo Concertina (1980's?)

sku: 160U-201343
This Renelli 30 Anglo Concertina has wood ends with (tarnished) metal plates, and brown 8-fold bellows. It’s designed to play in the keys of Ab and Eb, and it has 30 white plastic buttons. Built in Italy. Original hardshell case (red lining) included. This item is in very good+ condition and works okay, but it could use some work on the reeds, etc. — sold AS-IS.    More Details...

  • Anglo model, Key of Ab/Eb
  • 30 white plastic buttons
  • Wood ends with metal plates
  • 8-fold bellows
  • Built in Italy
  • With original hardshell case (red lining)
  • VGC+ works okay, but could use some reed work, etc. - sold AS-IS)