Panart Hang (early 2000's)

$8,850 $11,000
sku: 200U-194749
A rare and cool sounding instrument, the Hang is kind of/sort of a cousin of the steel drum (but don't call it a drum!) played with your hands, rather than with mallets. It has a metal flying saucer shape body that produces bell-like tones. This one is tuned to the Hijaz Kyar (unusual Asian) scale. Panart built Hangs in Switzerland from 2001-2013, and their instruments are considered the top of the Hang world. This instrument is in excellent condition.   More Details...

price reduced - from $15,000.00 04/02/18, from $14,000.00 05/08/18
  • With padded gigbag
  • EC (very clean)
  • Consignment

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