Ruth Barrett & Cyntia Smith


sku: AEOLUS-CD003
1984 reissue - "Traditional British Isles songs and instruments, and songs of reverence for Nature." "Lord of the Dance," "Factory Girl," Catherine Madsen's "Allu Mari Mi Portati," 14 in all including some Barrett & Smith originals.   More Details...


  1. Where Only Lovers Can Go
  2. Deepening
  3. Dance of the Meadow Mice
  4. Chosen Country
  5. The Doffing Mistress
  6. The Plains of Waterloo
  7. Sovay
  8. Planxty Irwin / Loch Lovan Castle
  9. Lord of the Dance
  10. Imagine the World
  11. Factory Girl
  12. Song of the Wandering Aengus
  13. The Orange Rogue
  14. Allu Mari Mi Portati