Mi-Si "Magpie" Soundhole Pickup (Recent)

$110 $150
sku: 200U-202124
Mi-Si Magpie system features an active soundhole pickup and an innovative rechargeable preamp — no batteries required! A 60 second charge allows for up to 8 hours of performance. A simple, effective pickup system for acoustic guitars. This item is in excellent+ condition.   More Details...

  • Mi-Si power charger included
  • Magnetic "planar" single coil pickup is designed to minimize hum while providing a broad frequency response
  • Built-in volume and tone controls
  • Black housing
  • Easily clamps in soundhole
  • Mini-jack in pickup allows you to use a patch cord externally or easily connect internally to a 1/4" strap button jack harness (included, professional installation recommended)
  • Pickup measures 3" across between the clamp, so soundhole needs to be a tad bigger than 3" diameter to install it
  • EC+