Mi-Si "Air Trio" Pickup System (Recent)

$120 $155
sku: 200U-201507
This innovative acoustic guitar pickup system combines an under-saddle L.R. Baggs element with a MEMS technology microphone, which is attached directly to the Mi-Si rechargeable active preamp/endpin jack. Charge the preamp for 60 seconds (yes, just 1 minute) and the preamp is fully charged for an effective playing time of about 8 hours! Works well with both nylon and steel string guitars. This pickup is in excellent condition.   More Details...

  • Soundhole-mounted blend and volume control module
  • Preamp charges via special Mi-Si charger (included) which connects to a standard AC outlet (120/220 V) straight to the output jack
  • No batteries
  • Professional installation highly recommended
  • EC