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The Art of Lutherie

by Tom Bills

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Book/Online video set. A glimpse into the mind and craft of luthier Tom Bills, one of the most talented luthiers today. In this elegantly written and enjoyable read, Tom clearly shares his best-kept secrets and methods of custom guitar making. The information is both practical and applicable: the hard-won wisdom that comes from years of experience and experimentation. Over the years, he has produced instruments considered to be some of the best sounding guitars ever made. Learning the steps of how to build a guitar is important, but understanding why master luthiers take those steps and make those decisions can empower you to make your own educated choices. "Tom knows his craft inside and out; he pours his soul into every guitar he makes; he uses cutting-edge science to guide his work, and it shows." 56 pp.

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Benefits For The Guitar Player
Benefits For The Guitar Builder

Section One – Designing For Sound

Chapter 1: Concepts Of Guitar Design

  • What Is A Guitar?
  • The Guitar As A System
  • Scale Length
  • The Tonal Effects Of Scale Length
  • Fanned Frets - Multi-Scale

Chapter 2: Defining The Rules Of The Game

  • Effects Of Thickness
  • Tempo
  • Frequency
  • Enharmonicity And Compensation
  • Tension
  • Anatomy Of The String
  • String Theory & The Blueprint For Sound
  • Creating A Full Scale Drawing

Section Two – Application Of Principles

Chapter 3: Set Up & Geometry

  • Action: String-Fingerboard Interaction
  • The Fingerboard
  • Forward Bow Of The Fingerboard
  • Fretwork
  • Fingerboard Radius
  • Choosing Fret Wire
  • Fret Size
  • Fret Material
  • The Crown
  • Fret Ends
  • Neck Angle
  • Elevated Fingerboard
  • Break Over Angle

Chapter 4: Main Components

  • Steel String Bridge
  • Archtop Bridge
  • The Sound Board
  • Linings and Recurve
  • Recurve
  • Linings

Chapter 5: Bracing

  • Bridge Position
  • Coupling vs Non-Coupling
  • Steel String Guitar Bracing
  • Nylon String Guitar Bracing
  • Archtop Guitar Bracing
  • Bracing Profile
  • Bracing Contour & Ends
  • Top Architecture

Chapter 6: Tap Tuning

  • Air Cavity
  • 1. The Body Depth
  • 2. The Sound Hole
  • Side Sound-Holes & Forward Projection
  • The Back Plate

Chapter 7: Tone woods

  • Mass and Stiffness

Chapter 8: Visual Harmony

  • Begin With The Tradition
  • Dimensional Harmony = Visual Harmony
  • Great Art Tells A Story

Chapter 9: Finishing

  • My Story

Chapter 10: Final Thoughts

  • A Reminder
  • Goals
  • Don’t put the cart before the horse
  • Guitar Photos

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