Appalachian Fiddle Tunes for Clawhammer Banjo

by Ken Perlman
sku: 02-30655M
This comprehensive collection features over 100 note-for-note skillfully-crafted clawhammer banjo arrangements of “old-time” Southern fiddle tunes, in clear tablature - with suggested guitar chords at a wide variety of skill levels. It contains most of the tunes played in concert or recorded by author Ken Perlman and renowned Appalachian-style fiddler Alan Jabbour, plus over 50 more classic tunes from Ed Haley, Edden Hammons, John Salyer and many other iconic roots fiddlers.   More Details...

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  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Tablature and Techniques
  • Chapter 3. More Pointers on Technique and Style
  • Chapter 4. Syncopation in Clawhammer
  • Chapter 5. Try These Tunes First!!
  • Chapter 6. Tunes in G and G-Modal (with E-Modal)
  • Chapter 7. Tunes in D and D-Modal
  • Chapter 8. Tunes in A and A-Modal
  • Chapter 9. Tunes in C
  • Appendix A. Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame
  • Appendix B. Alphabetical List of Tunes and Online Playlist
  • Appendix C. Ken Perlman Bibliography and Discography