Nehemiah "Skip" James

Blues and the Soul of Man - An Autobiography of Nehemiah "Skip" James

by Nehemiah "Skip" James (from interviews with Stephen Calt); compiled by Stefan Grossman
sku: 02-30844M
Book with online audio. In 1931 Skip James cut 26 tracks for Paramount Records, of which 18 were released. These recordings presented a unique and haunting genius that influenced legendary bluesmen Robert Johnson, Kansas Joe McCoy and Johnny Temple. But the recordings sold poorly and he drifted into obscurity.

Skip’s original 1931 recordings are included as online downloads with this book.

After over 30 year’s retirement from music, Skip was persuaded to appear at the Newport Folk Festival in 1964, where his renditions of his old songs influenced a new generation of new musicians: Eric Clapton, Alan Wilson, Deep Purple, Chris Thomas King, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Derek Trucks, Beck, John Martyn, Lucinda Williams, Rory Block, to name just a few.

Books on legendary Blues musicians written by white musicologists tend to offer a subjective perspective. This autobiography is different. The words, thoughts and feelings come directly from the artist’s lips. 132 pp.   More Details...

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  • Chapter 1: Nothin’ But The Devil 
  • Chapter 2: The Blues 
  • Chapter 3 : Blues for Sancts 
  • Chapter 4: Her Condition Was None Of Mine 
  • Chapter 5: An Interlude: In Sick Beds and Bottles 
  • Chapter 6 : All I Got Was Forty Dollars 
  • Chapter 7: The Music Racket 
  • Chapter 8: Skip James and the Blues ‘Life’ 
  • Chapter 9: Tangled Up in the Sixties 
  • Chapter 10: Hard Raisin’ in Jim Crow Country 
  • Chapter 11: Saturday Night Sermons 
  • Chapter 12 : A Common Skip 
  • Chapter 13 : Bootlegging for the Boss Man 
  • Chapter 14 : A White Man’s Integrity 
  • The Guitar of Skip James + Song Tablature