Harmony: The People’s Guitar, 1945–1975

by Ron Rothman
sku: 565-7
It seems as if every player has owned a Harmony guitar at one time or another. Maybe it was a Silvertone from Sears, a super cheap Stella or one of the other 57 names Harmonys were sold under. This prolific guitar manufacturer managed to get its instruments into more homes than any other guitar company. This book covers the years 1945-1975 and features color photos and catalog reproductions throughout. Rockets, Stratotones, Rebels, Sovereigns, Stellas, the Hollywood guitar, Caribbean and Colorama are covered, along with other flat-tops, archtops, solid body electrics, basses, and a few mandos, ukes and banjos. Players Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Dave Davies, Jimmy Vivino, and Vince Lee share their experiences with Harmony guitars. Note: while not officially a 3rd edition, this book does have some updated information. Hardcover. 8.5" x 11" 340 color and b/w photos. 176 pp.