The Gibson "P.A.F." Humbucking Pickup: From Myth to Reality

by Mario Milan & James Finnerty
sku: 49-275830
Some of the most iconic recordings ever set to vinyl were produced on the Gibson Les Paul with the "Patent Applied For" pickup which, with its glass-like chime and haunting mids, represents the heart and soul of classic rock. The authors take you on a photographic tour of the genesis of the P.A.F. pickup with expert attention to every engineering aspect and a precise comparison and explanation of qualities of pickups from different eras. Along the way myths are debunked, secrets revealed, and mysteries solved, which, along with an exclusive interview with Ted McCarty, offer a thorough analysis of what makes these creations so special, as well as an explanation of why replication has been so elusive. Plus well-known pickup winders offer their own individual perspectives on the reasons for the P.A.F.'s enduring appeal. Color & B&W pictures. 174 pp.

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