Seydel Blues 1847 Classic Harmonica (various keys)

sku: SE47C-C
10-hole diatonic, Richter-tuned harp with a full, loud, overtone-rich sound. Sealed Maple comb and recessed reedplates with STAINLESS STEEL REEDS (lasts up to 5 times as long as models with brass reeds). Stainless steel covers, rivets and screws, too. Opened wide at the back for extra volume. Exceedingly small manufacturing tolerances for superior airtight construction. Ergonomic, lip and beard friendly design. With leather carrying pouch. Made in Germany.   More Details...

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  • Stainless steel reeds and stainless steel rivets for superior durability, even with heavy duty playing
  • Full and loud, overtone-rich sound and extremely fast tone-response 
  • Less air-loss due to the precision-cut reedplates. Optimized flatness and extremely small tolerances between reed and reedplate
  • Beard- and lip-friendly - coverplates with rounded edges and ergonomic hole-openings and rounded dividers
  • The overtone-rich sound can spread out undampened - covers made of extra strong stainless steel sheet (0.4mm), opened wide at the back and crimped for stability rounded edges
  • Moisture-proof, swelling-free maple-comb, sealed with multiple layers of food-safe finish