Daily Studies for Diatonic Harmonica

by David Barrett
sku: 02-30456M
Book with online audio. How good of a musician you become is predicated on how much practice you do and the quality of that practice. Author David Barrett provides recommendations on how to set up your practice room, structure your practice time, what to work on to improve your playing, and how to prepare for performance. The Daily Exercises portion of this book provides essential exercises for the diatonic harmonica - movement patterns, scales, tongue block technique drills, an exercise to help you memorize the chords of the 12 Bar Blues, your harmonica’s note layout, and how to choose a note to match over a given chord, at any time, in any range of the harmonica. You'll need a C Major Diatonic Harmonica. Note/tab. 40 pp.   More Details...

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Material Needed

Chapter 1 - The Mechanics
- The Space
- How Long & When
- The Mind
- What
- Weekly/Monthly Review
- How To Practice
- The Process of Learning a Song - The "Listen Once, Play Once" Method
- Performance

Chapter 2 - Developing a Mental Model
- The Concept
- Harmonica Note Layout
- Default Mental
- Student Mental Modes

Chapter 3 - Daily Exercises Explained
- Daily Exercises A
- Daily Exercises B

Chapter 4 - "20 Minutes Context" Chorus Form Examples

Chapter 5 - Recommended Study
- Recommended Reading
- Recommended Harmonica Method Books

Daily Exercises A (Condensed Reference Sheet)
Daily Exercises B (Condensed Reference Sheet)
Reference Charts