Royal Garden Trio

The Royal Garden Trio

sku: FSE-CD002
2005 -- Second album, same title as the first! SE Michigan's winning string-jazz trio: guitarist Brian Delaney, cellist Mike Karoub and Tom Bogardus on clarinet and tenor guitar; with an array of guests! String bassist Gian Paulo, pianists Bess Bonnier and James Dapogny, trumpeter Jon-Erik Kellso, Donn Deniston on drums and singers Jo Serrapere, Paul King and Melissa Brady.   More Details...

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  1. There'll Come a Time (Wait & See)
  2. The Viper's Dream
  3. On a Slow Boat to China
  4. Swing '02
  5. Come Sunday
  6. Undecided
  7. Spain
  8. At the Jimmy's Bar
  9. Miss Bliss
  10. Jitterbug Waltz
  11. East of the Sun
  12. Raggin' The Scale