Brad Davis

I'm Not Gonna Let My Blues Bring Me Down

sku: FGM-CD109
2003 -- Longtime guitarist with Marty Stuart, Earl Scruggs, Sam Bush and countless sessions with an all-acoustic blowout! Featuring Scruggs, Bush, John Jorgenson, Rob Ickes, Billy Bob Thornton, David Grier, Glen Duncan and others.

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  1. I'm Not Gonna Let My Blue Bring Me Down
  2. Old Number Nine
  3. Dawg Diddy
  4. Big Timber
  5. Tell me Son
  6. Cypress Walls
  7. Rank Stranger
  8. Black Snake
  9. Where You Belong
  10. California
  11. I Love My Guitar
  12. Sight Of Truth
  13. Journey Through Misery
  14. The Clock Strikes Twice

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