Steve Mann

Alive and Pickin'

sku: BRM-CD110
2005 -- A choice collection of recordings from the shadowy L.A. guitar legend Steve Mann, now in Berkeley; none previously available on CD, most never before released anywhere! "Amazing Gospel Song," "Holly," "Prison Cell Blues," "Elephant Song," 19 tracks in all including three with Janis Joplin.   More Details...


  1. Ash Grove Announcer
  2. Jelly Roll
  3. If You Live
  4. Soldier's Drill
  5. Elephant Song
  6. Amazing Gospel Tune
  7. Charlie James
  8. Rag Mama
  9. East Colorado
  10. Two Nineteen Train
  11. Trouble in Mind
  12. Winin' Boy Blues
  13. Here I Am Again
  14. Hasta Luego
  15. Mopper's Blues
  16. Holly
  17. Medley for David
  18. Prison Cell Blues
  19. Seven Foot Freakout