Fingerstyle Guitar From Scratch

by Bruce Emery
sku: 578-6
Emery is such a good writer and devoted player he can single-handedly convince anyone to take up guitar. He's real, he's funny, and he's a great teacher! This book teaches fingerstyle vocal accompaniment. Part one concentrates on the basics, especially arpeggios. Part two teaches Travis-style picking. The focus is on coordinating the picking hand and the fretting hand, and assumes familiarity with chord formation and some theory. His extensive background in classical playing adds enormous depth to his approach. Not to fear, Bruce stands over your shoulder and is with you all the way. Companion sound clips available online. Spiralbound, 89 pp.   More Details...



The Picking Hand
Picking Philosophies
The Overlapping Tier System
The Fretting Hand
Bass/Tier Combinations
Practice with Arpeggio #1
The Continuity Principle
The Indiana Jones Principle
More Examples
Worst-Case Continuity Scenario
The Challenge
Other Meters: ¾ Time
Other Meters 6/8 Time
Back to 4/4 Time: “Estudio”
Meet the Twins
Other Simple Arpeggios
Arpeggios with Longer Sequences
20 Arpeggios: A Retrospective
Mixing Quarter and Eighth Notes
Meet the Threesome
More Samples from the Field
Game Show: “Scarborough Fair”
Bossa Nova: “Girl From Ipanema”


Travis #1: Inside-Out Mechanics
Practice: “City of New Orleans”
Travis #2: “Landslide”
Travis #3: Outside-In
Variations: Travis #4 and #5
Picking Pattern Potpourri
Triple Alternating Bass
Walking Bassline
Travis #6: The Pinch Pattern
“Dust in the Wind”
Pinch Variations
Adding the Ring Finger
Drop D and the Ring Finger
More Variations
20 Travis Patterns: A Retrospective
“Leader of the Band”
“Garden Party”
“Helplessly Hoping”
Travis-Style Departures
“The Dance”
The Next Level: Melodic Lines
Final Exam
Our 20 Arpeggios at a Glance
Our 20 Travis Patterns at a Glance