James Bryan & Carl Jones

Cricket's Lullaby

2012 - First duo album together since 1995's "Two Pictures" from these two former Rising Fawn bandmates and longtime pickin' pals. Bryan's aristocratic fiddling and Jones's mostly-vintage guitars, banjo and mandolin on a tasty set of old-time tunes and songs, many from the tradition and a handful from Jones's pen.   More Details...

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  1. Sam Hill
  2. Blackie and Emma / Rolling in the Dust
  3. Dear Honey
  4. Kansas Waltz
  5. Cleveland's March to the Whitehouse
  6. Patty on the Turnpike
  7. Bonaparte's Retreat
  8. Cricket's Lullaby
  9. Dust in the Lane
  10. Stoney Fork
  11. Old Friend's Reunion
  12. Messenger
  13. Lesson
  14. Piedmont
  15. Dust and Ashes
  16. Star of the East