How to Play Shetland Fiddle

sku: 300-D484
Streaming or Download only. This title is available as a digital file only. Click the DOWNLOAD button and have it delivered to your favorite device in minutes! Kevin covers five classic tunes in traditional Shetland style, breaking each one down in note-for-note detail, pausing to offer valuable tips and exercises. The clear onscreen angles show bowing, fingering hand and musical notation simultaneously. Although a basic knowledge of the fiddle is necessary, these lessons are taught slowly and carefully enough so even a near-beginner can play the tunes. You'll learn up-tempo dance tunes as well as lovely slow airs: "Oliver Jack" (reel), "Da Delting Bridal March" (slow march), "Vallafield" (jig), "Da Trowie Burn" (slow air) and "Ahint da Dykes o' Voe" (reel). Kevin Henderson was born and raised in Scotland's Shetland Islands, and is widely regarded as one of the world's finest Celtic-style fiddlers. Music included as PDF booklet. 100 min.

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