Mike Marshall's Mandolin Method - Sonatas and Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin by J.S. Bach

by Mike Marshall
sku: 644-4
Specific movements and sections selected and arranged for mandolin. Designed to introduce mandolin players to these incredible works, the selected movements sit comfortably on the mandolin. Includes "Fuga" and "Presto" from Sonata I in Gm, "Corrente" and "Sarabande" from Partita I in Bm, "Prelude" and "Bouree" from Partita III in E, lots more. Comb-bound. Note/tab. 47 pp.   More Details...


Sonata I in Gm

  • Fuga
  • Presto

  • Partita I in Bm

  • Allemanda Double
  • Corrente
  • Corrente Double
  • Sarabande
  • Sarabande Double
  • Bouree
  • Bouree Double

  • Sonata II in Am

  • Fuga
  • Allegro

  • Partita II in Dm

  • Allemanda
  • Corrente
  • Giga

  • Sonata III in C

  • Fuga
  • Allegro Assai

  • Partita III in E

  • Prelude
  • Gavotte en Rondeau
  • Minuet I
  • Minuet II
  • Bouree
  • Gigue

  • Recommended Add-Ons and Alternatives