Enda Scahill's Irish Banjo Tutor, Volume II

sku: 719-5
Book/2-CD set. Enda uncovers the intricacies of the instrument. He explores in simple yet expansive detail how to create and develop variations, how, through the use of ornamentation, to bring subtle rhythm and phrasing to your playing, how and when to use chords and harmony to add interest to your music and perhaps most importantly, how to bring total relaxation to your playing. This new book is a treasure trove of pull-offs, hammer-ons, slides, triplets, trebles, crab-walk triplets, double string trebles, the list goes on. The CD has all the exercises, examples and tunes played slowly and at pace. Stave notation and tablature, making it of great use to mandolin players also. GDAE tuning. 80 pp.

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