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Mel Bay's Complete Jethro Burns Mandolin Book

by Jethro Burns & Ken Eidson

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Book/Online audio set. Lots of tunes are used to teach a huge amount of information. Jethro was funny AND a world-class mandolin player - both show here. Lots of exercises. Note/tab. The audio contains 52 of the 75 tunes from the book. 240 pp.

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  • Tremolo
  • Explanation of Terms
  • Simple Chords-Open Position
  • Boll Weevil Exercise
  • Medium-Difficulty Solos and Exercises
  • Pinky-Control Exercise
  • Special Pull-String Technique
  • Exercise a la Ellington
  • Warm-Up Thing
  • Three-String Chord Positions
  • Exercise in C (Version I)
  • Exercise in C (Version II)
  • Altered Chords
  • Exercise in F (#1)
  • Exercise in F (#2) Ending Licks in A
  • Circle-of-5ths Progression
  • Cramer Licks
  • Improvising and More Advanced Solos
  • Exercises Using Whole-Tone Scales
  • Exercises Using Diminished-7ths
  • Crazzy Fiddle Licks
  • Split-String Technique
  • Some Chord Theory
  • Pull-String Technique
  • Scale and Broken-Chord Exercises
  • Exercises for Right-Hand Technique
  • Cross-String Technique
  • Cross-String Exercise
  • Exploring Basic Bluegrass Harmony and Beyond
  • "Standard" Chord Progression
  • Double-Stop Exercise
  • Double-Stop Licks in Waltz Time
  • Broken Chords in G
  • Broken Chords in A
  • More Broken Chords in A
  • Broken Chords in D
  • More Broken Chords in D
  • Circle-of-5ths Exercise in C
  • Circle-of-5ths Exercise in F
  • "Around the Horn" Exercise
  • Flying Fingers Exercise
  • Fast, Fun Exercise
  • Exploring Basic Bluegrass Styles
  • Chord Charts