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Canadian Fiddle Tunes for Two Mandolins

compiled & arranged by Deborah Greenblatt

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32 traditional Canadian tunes, arranged for two players. Chord symbols for back-up players included. These lively jigs, quicksteps, reels, and waltzes are sure to promote positive energy and tapping feet. L’Acadienne, Bottes Sauvage, The Crooked Stovepipe, La Marlaiche, Reel Du Laboureur, Rippling Water Jig, Steamboat Quickstep, Valse Des Bas De Laine, more. Comb-bound. 

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  • Acadian Jig in D
  • L’Acadienne
  • Air a Bonaparte
  • La Bastringue
  • Le Batteux
  • Bees Wax, Sheep Skin
  • The Belledune Quickstep
  • Bottes Sauvage
  • Cabri Waltz
  • La Chicaneuse
  • La Claqueuse
  • The Crooked Stovepipe
  • Cross-Country Waltz
  • French Canadian Four-Step
  • Galope Des Pompiers
  • L’Homme a Deux Femmes
  • Les Joyeuses Quebecoises
  • Marche du Queteux Pomerleau
  • La Marlaiche
  • The Mouth of the Tobique
  • Old French
  • Reel Beatrice
  • Reel De Sherbrooke
  • Reel de Ste-Blandine
  • Reel des Jumelles Dionne
  • Reel Du Laboureur
  • Reel Eugene
  • Rippling Water Jig
  • Silver And Gold Two-Step
  • Steamboat Quickstep
  • V’la L’bon Vent
  • Valse Des Bas De Laine