Electro Harmonix 15 Watt Howitzer Guitar Amp/Preamp

The 15 Watt Howitzer guitar amp/preamp is an ultra-compact workhorse that’s perfect as part of a portable guitar rig, or as an emergency backup and gig saver should your main amp break down. It’s super flexible, like a musical chameleon, and depending on the gear you use and your style, will fit in the broadest range of genres.   More Details...

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  • 15 watts of power, but small enough to fit on a pedalboard or pack in a gig bag
  • A full set of sound shaping controls: Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid and Treble
  • Bright/Norm switch: choose between a subtle top boost with more presence or a slightly darker top end
  • Class D amp design for maximum output efficiency and minimal space requirements. Note: The D does not stand for digital and while this is a solid-state design, there is no digital coding of the signal
  • Comes equipped with its own 24VDC/1.0A power supply
  • FX loop with Send/Return jacks lets you place effects between the 15 Watt Howitzer’s preamp section and Volume knob
  • Connects directly to an 8Ω — 16Ω speaker cabinet